Strategic Design (2 days)

Architects, Managers, Development Leaders

  • Techniques for aligning software development with business strategy.
  • Big picture of multi-team development.
  • Pragmatic strategies that concentrate design talent where it will count.

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DDD Immersion (4-days)

Architects, Senior Developers, Hands-on Development Leaders

Learn to put the domain model to work. This intensive course will bring together the practices that give modeling and design a real impact on a project. Integrates both Strategic Design and the foundations of DDD modeling techniques. The 360 view of DDD, hands-on.

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DDD Overview (1 day)

Developers, Architects, Analysts, Hands-on Technical Leaders

Overview the basic principles and processes needed develop practically useful models, tie them into implementation and business analysis, and place them within a viable, realistic strategy.

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Overview for Business (1-day)

Product Owners, Managers, Business Analysts... Any stakeholder in development of complex software.

Understand when and why DDD is valuable to software intensive organizations. Learn how to collaborate more effectively with a development team. Get a quick introduction to the strategic design techniques of DDD.

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Your class was a great experience on many levels…of course what I learned about DDD - fabulous - but also how you taught the class and the interactive nature of it is just wonderful.

Julie Lerman, Author of Programming Entity Framework.

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Training from Domain Language

Domain Language training workshops and seminars bring your broader team on board quickly with a coherent overview and a shared vocabulary. Our intensive courses give your development team new design skills, and prepares them, through "laboratory" experiences, to apply domain-driven design on your project.


Public DDD Training


Strategic Design (2-days)


DDD Immersion (4-days)


DDD Overview (1-day)

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